Root Canal Treatment

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Root canal therapy is necessary when the nerve of a tooth has become damaged due to tooth decay or an infection, and the living material inside the tooth, also known as the “pulp”, needs to be removed and replaced with specialized dental materials to preserve the tooth.

What are the Signs That You Need a Root Canal?

The most reliable way to know whether you need root canal surgery or not is to contact a dentist in Greenville, SC which handles root canals. Here are a few signs that you may require a root canal procedure to keep your tooth:

  • Abscesses, or pimples, on the gums surrounding the tooth
  • Your tooth is sensitive to hot and cold food and drink
  • You experience recurring, severe toothache pain
  • The gums surrounding your tooth are swollen and tender

It’s important to remember that sometimes there are no symptoms which indicate that a problem is present. This is why it’s critically important that you visit your trusted dentist in Greenville, SC for regular checkups. That way your dentist can alert you to any issues and resolve them before they get worse. Here at Carolina Oaks Dental Care, our goal is to prevent serious dental problems from developing so that you need to visit us as little as possible.

Why Do You Need a Root Canal?

Root canals may be necessary for a variety of reasons; the most common include:

Decay has reached the ‘pulp’ of your tooth.

If your teeth are decayed, then a root canal may be necessary to prevent extraction of the tooth.

An abscess or infection.

If an infection has developed inside of your tooth, or on the root tip, then a root canal will be necessary.

Injury or trauma.

If you have damaged your tooth as a result of an accident or injury, then often a root canal may be necessary to preserve the tooth.